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Spambot Script

Part of the joys of hosting a WordPress site is reading through the constant influx of spam comments. One bot was especially kind and decided to dump it’s entire script in a comment so...

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Exception Tracking With Unity3D

I’ve started out by writing a long and philosophical article on exception handling and tracking in games only to realize it was far too long and entirely missed the point – why and how...

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Porting Your Unity3D Game to Windows 8

Roughly a year ago I’ve given a lecture on the subject of porting Unity3D games to Windows Store. While slightly out of date,┬áthe presentation still contains useful information on the subject. A more up...

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Audio Filters in Unity3D

A Short Introduction I felt this article needed a bit of a background story, if you’re only here for the technical stuff feel free to skip ahead. Games are an interactive medium, in which...

Mathf.Sin, System.Math.Sin, SineHP.Sin, SineLP.Sin
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Faster Sine Approximation Using Quadratic Curve

Sine waves, aptly named after the sine function which graphs them, are often used in game development. Beyond the relation to the law of sines and geometric applications – which is the first thing...

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Visual Debugging in Unity3D

Printf() debugging ( or log debugging, or whatever you want to call it ) is a common go to method every programmer found himself resorting to at some point, usually when more sophisticated methods...