About Me

I’m a video game programmer with over 10 years of experience from Israel who recently moved to Bucharest, Romania.

I’ve started playing video games in the early 90s, around the same time I started learning BASIC programming. From there I moved to C and later C++ and studied Software Engineering through college. After a short intermission of 3 years in which I served as a communication sgt. in the Israeli artillery corps I got back to developing games.

Starting out professionally, I worked on a lot of advergames and online Flash games. Later I moved to working on tech demos and mini games for hardware developers – from PrimeSense and Kinect to Google’s Tango and a wide range of products that never made it to the market. In recent years I started working with the Unity3D game engine on mobile games.

As of writing these lines, I’m trying to make a shift into “indie” and developing my own ideas. Only time will tell how that pans out.